Monday, April 6, 2009

Art Bead Scene - Monthly Challenge

Well I've decided to add to the suspense of the new Goddess and not "release" her until tomorrow...hehe.

In the meantime the Art Bead Scene's Monthly challenge for April is Botticelli Birth of Venus. I absolutely adore this painting for two reasons. First off - - Its a mythology painting! Venus was said to have been born sprung from the foam of the ocean. Other myths say she was born from a seashell. Either way, Botticelli has done a fine job of representing Venus (Aphrodite to the Greeks). This image is probably one of the most recognized paintings in the history of Art. The other reason I love this painting, is because when I was an art history major in college I was able to see this piece when I was studying in Florence. It is a very large painting (over five feet tall) and you can see all the beautiful detail Botticelli includes in his rendering of fabrics and foliage. This painting truly combines my love of art and mythology. Though I must admit, his Primavera is what really gets me weak in the knees.

Since it brought back so many wonderful memories, I got right on it. I decided to sketch the shell till I came up with a form that I liked. I then set about to make a stained glass pendant. Here are the glass pieces after they were cut and grinded. As you can see two "panels" of the shell are clear glass so that I could collage something inside the glass.

After fooling around with some dried flowers and lavender (too big, too messy) I decided to paint my own pattern. I took some simple collage paper and very lightly and loosely drew pretty little pink flowers, much like the ones that float magically in the painting.

Well that's as far as I got today. I will have to solder tomorrow... I also have some plans for Zephyr (God of the Wind), Aura (Goddess of Breezes), and Horae (Goddess of the Seasons) who are also in the painting. They will play lesser roles in the necklace but are not forgotten :)

Hope its not raining where you are! :(

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ClassyChassy said...

This looks like it will be lovely when it is finished! Great so far!