Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday!

Yay! Its Vintage Thingie Thursday over at ColoradoLady's Blog. Make sure you skip over there for awhile to check out all the fun neat stuff everyone is posting :)

This week I am showing you my vintage hat pin collection. I can't say I collected too many of these. They were a gift from my Godmother Demetria. They were originally her Mother in laws.

Arn't they all so perfect?

These are my favorite! I love the Greek/Roman coin one (of course!) and the small locket one.

Inside the locket is what looks like a tiny Virgin Mary. So Cute!

I even adore the sweet little pin cushion they are displayed on!
Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday Everyone!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Stephanie, I love the hat pins, lol...I even bought a couple of these to go in the China Hat pin holder I bought. But yours are way better because you know the history of most of them. I love the pin holder you are using.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Barb said...

thanks for coming by.

I forgot to mention the football.
It was my husband's in high school!!

Now, I don't feel 60, but seeing these old things, sure wonder what i am looking like. =0)

Think i still see myself through rose colored glasses, well, better make that tri-focals!!

Bless you friend,
Barbara Jean

PS Love the old hat pins and where you got them. Really love the old pin cushion!

Elizabeth said...

These are great, I love the colors and how you have them displayed.
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bj said...

Oh, S. These are MORE than perfect...they are magnificent. I love every single one of them and think that hat pins are the perfect thing to collect. They are beautiful, especially displayed in that awesome pin cushion...they don't take us nearly as much room as DISHES (why the heck I collect dishes, I don't know!!) I WANNT COLLECT HAT PINS...gosh, where do you even look for them??

Coloradolady said...

Stephanie, These hat pins are wonderful. How sweet is the one that is a locket. I am really impressed on how you have them displayed as well, very pretty.

Have a great Easter weekend.

farmlady said...

Now this is a collection that I could find room for. They are just beautiful.

Donna said...

Great vintage stuff!! This is my first VTT and its been great fun looking at all your blogs.Great collection!
Have a great Easter and blessings to all

Bea said...

How beautiful are these hat pins? And yes they are perfect on that vintage pin cushion. Lovely.

CC said...

I love hat pins..but I don't have a one.They remind me so much of my grandmother...and I've often wondered what happened to hers. Happy VTT and have a wonderful weekend.

A Loner, Dottie. A Rebel. said...

You have such a lovely collection! I bet they'd make great hair accessories too, I'm thinking of those chopstick hair thingies. Thanks for stopping by my blog :).

Sarah said...

What a beautiful collection of hat pins and they have the perfect home in that unique cushion. I really like all of them!

Dawn said...

Oh my--those things look positively beautiful. And potentially deadly! Perhaps they starred in an Agatha Christie mystery! The pin holder is lovely too.

foxxy said...

Oh so pretty. You know they've been around a long time because it's been forever since people wore hats.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Wow, Stephanie.. I love your hat pins! so pretty! love the colours too! and what a collection! I think I should start collecting one.. as this won't need much space.. thanks for sharing & have a nice day!

A Loner, Dottie. A Rebel. said...

Lol glad you liked my blog title! I was obsessed with that movie as a little girl :D.

Anonymous said...

Oh Stephanie, those are beautiful! How precious they look displayed on the pin cushion.

When I see hatpins, I think how well dressed women used to be. I think I am failing my ancestors.

Anonymous said...

oh i'm drooling over your gorgeous hatpins..what a superb collection! and that darling pincushion is adorable too :)