Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its the end of an Era

Well I have a sad post today. Today my trusty glue gun died. It was very sad. I have had this glue gun FOREVER. I mean it... I did some calculating...and its been 15 YEARS that I've had it. She did my middle school and high school projects....and even came to college with me. (where it hemmed a few pairs of pants to be honest with ya!) Its also been the only one I've ever had...and its one of those tiny little dinky ones...but for some reason I never had the desire to upgrade.

Well now I was forced to purchase a new one. I could have replaced my old one for a hot $2.99 but thought maybe now would be the time to upgrade. I decided on this bad boy for $6.99 at Michaels, which becomes a steal when you bring your 40% off coupon. I must admit, the "precision nozzle" is very nice for tight spaces (like the back of pendants and inside curly seashells.) Let's see if this one lasts 15 years.

Update: Spent yesterday and today putting the stain coat on the Armoire. I'll post more pictures when its dry and I have the hardware back on!!

Happy Sunday!


Stacy said...

your armiore is beautiful! Jealouse <- <- <-

Sorry your glue gun died, but im sure it would have wanted you to be happy and move on to a nice new one ;) hee hee

Miriam's Art Journal BLOG said...

your new one looks like fun!!! from the looks of it the old one had lots of love.