Friday, February 27, 2009

And I'm on my way!

Well I have packed everything up and am ready for my vacation. Good Bye East Coast! I apologize in advance for the "Wintery Mix" predicted for this weekend. I will not mind missing this one. Since my flight leaves in just a few short hours (yay!) I leave you all with a few photos I took last time I was in Hawaii. Above is a Banyan Tree. These trees are so vast, peaceful, and beautiful. I think I may try for a Banyan tree stained glass window when I return. (if I return?)

Also to my Hoboken Customers. Michelangela is OPEN for business while I am gone. I am lucky enough to have great friends and family who offered to help me out. Thanks guys! The only day we might be closed is Sunday March 8th. But I can keep you all posted.

This is Diamondhead in Waikiki...Alexis lives very close to its beaches and I think she surfs somewhere off its beautiful shores. :)

Hanuma Bay where we went snorkeling! Snorkeling is my favorite underwater activity :) We even saw sea turtles!!!


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