Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back to the East Cost

Well Hello Strangers! I'm back at last. I know I said I would blog out there....but there's something about vacation...(or tequila?)...I couldn't seem to get any work done! ... Anyway no need to get into details hehehe. ;)

But it was a great vacation even though it rained everyday! argh! That's ok because we really got a lot done including some great hikes. We also flew to the Big Island and hiked around Volcano National Park. That was definitely the best part of the trip, seeing an erupting volcano is truly an experience of a lifetime!

Here are a few photos I took while I was out there. I also became really inspired for some other projects I'll tell you about soon! Above is a picture of the waves crashing on new land (lava rocks) on the Big Island. This spot was the farthest point east of the Hawaiian Island chain and has "the freshest air in the world" according to scientists!

This is a lava bath in Kiluea Crater where we embarked on a 5 mile hike. We walked around the crater and then down into it and across the lava (which is not hot obviously) It was crazy!

I also hiked up Diamond Head right outside of Waikiki. This is the view from the top.
This is Rainbow Falls in Hilo, the Big Island. If you come in the morning at sunrise, there is supposed to be a rainbow over the falls. We missed the rainbow but the falls were still incredible!

Well I guess its back to reality! Nice to see you all again :)


Alexis said...

"... Anyway no need to get into details hehehe. ;)"

Good call with that! Great pics! :-)

Swati Nigam said...

Welcome back to the blog! :-) And thanks for posting the lovely pictures!!