Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Use the Muse" Contest

Well I have entered my submission for the "Use the Muse" contest that was being held by The Beader's Muse. This is the first time I have ever entered any pieces for submission. Usually I'm intimidated but Scarlett really made this contest easy to enter. First we bought a kit of beads to use including a specific component dubbed "The Muse." You could use as many or as little of all the beads in the kit, plus you could add your own...but you HAD to use the muse.

The contest was really a lot of fun and I look forward to future contests. Even though they have received all entries they have not yet had "The Big Reveal." This is when every one's pieces and descriptions will be up on the site and everyone will know at once what the muse was. For that reason I cant post any pictures at this time. I would post a teaser...but my main computer is still down so you will have to wait! I can tell you that in addition to the beads I received I added freshwater pearls. I also named the piece Flora and Zephyr. Flora is the goddess of Spring, flowers, and blossoming and Zephyr was the God of the winds. More on that myth when I can show you some images!
*I borrowed these images from Scarlett over at the Beader's Muse - Please visit and check out the contest! I will let you know when its time to check out THE BIG REVEAL!

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Carolina Gonzalez said...

Can't wait to see your work!!!