Friday, March 27, 2009

Shabby Chic Color!

Well here is a new addition to the store. I'm thinking its a great piece to hold all the new beads I am going to carry. Here are a few shots to show you how we came up with the end product.
As you can see... the piece is pretty ugly in the before shots. I never painted any furniture blue...and I was inspired to do so with spring coming up. Blue and white remind me of the ocean and of course - GREECE and the Greek Islands. :)

First coat was a nice deep color of blue...almost navy. Painting cabinets always takes forever since you have to paint the inside and all the shelves... but I finished at last.

The last coat is a white white, and its brushed on as quickly as possible with the driest brush possible. I just finished this up and need to wait a day or so to really give it that great distressed look. So I will have to post those pictures when shes all ready.

Don't you just love these white porcelain rose knobs? I didn't have enough to sell, but they are the perfect finishing touch to this cabinet!!! :)


Elyse said...

hi stephanie!

thank you so much for stopping by my blog. i'm so glad it lead me to your very cool blog!!! i love how the cabinet is looking and the hardware is awesome!!!

i am going to add your blog to my list to keep up with your projects!



Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

YAY! I can comment again!
I love this cabinet! It is stunning and will hold so much stuff!

Barb said...

TAht is a very different finihs.
You have done such a good job with it,and it will look lovely as a display piece.

Thanks for coming by.
I am very excited about all the wonderful things coming up shortly in my part of blogland, and Eugene.

Blessings on your day and week.
Barbara Jean

Traci said...

aKKKKK...that is soooo what I want in my office...a small version!!! JEALOUS!!!!!