Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Mati Anklets have arrived!

A few weeks ago I showed you my plans to make several Mati anklets. They have come out more fun that I thought! I am really excited to wear these in the summer. I hope to get them up to my website in the next few days. :)
This one is more of a classic blue and white Mati combo. I used freshwater pearls, glass seed beads, and swarovski crystal.
This one is definitely more my style! I love black and gold. The glass beads are hand painted with tiny evil eyes and a splash of coral paint. There is also a lot of gold detailing on the bead that you can see if you enlarge it. I also included black onyx, swarovski crystal, and glass seed beads.
Well this one is all ready for Spring! Spring Mati :) I used various freshwater pearls in beautiful greens and peacock colors, swarovski crystal, and two colors of Mati beads (green and pink). I also used a bead cap on the center eye.
Well its still 30 degrees here! I hope all my wishing and hoping pays off soon! Come on Demeter, bring on the Spring!!!

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